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Our digital network covers already over 203 screens through Finland! Reach consumers in their free time or target those ready to make purchase decisions in the urban environment.


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With digital surfaces is easy to do tactic campaigns for example for store opening and offers. It's easy to use many ad materials at the same time or changed daily if needed. You can also use date counter to promote an event. Make your brand noticed with clever and joyful material!


Digital surfaces can be used for weather report or branded clock to show time with your brand. You can also have different materials for example according to weather: rainy day different material than sunny days.


Definitely the best feature is moving picture possibility. Even small text animation makes the advertisement more interesting if not wanted to use video format. Also using animation is possible to use more text in the advertisement. 

TIP! Same rules apply to digital advertisement than traditional but with a few extra remarks you will make it more functional. Check our production managers tips for successful digital media planning:    

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Digital media surfaces make possible to reach consumers nationwide or using tactic campaigns in the biggest cities in Finland or in the leisure destinations.

All material instructions

HELSINKI 21 screens

  • Q-Park Stockmann 3 pcs. digital LED-billboards and 12pcs. digital signage pylons
  • Q-Park Erottaja 3 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • Q-Park Finlandia 3 pcs. digital signage pylons

OTC 638 500 / week

TAMPERE 23 screens

  • Railway station, digital LED-billboard
  • Railway station (tunnel), digital LED-billboard and 2 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • AimoPark Stockmann digital LED-billboard and 3 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • AimoPark Arena 4 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • P-Hämppi 10 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • P-Koskikeskus 3 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • P-Plevna 1 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • P-Frenckell 1 signage pylons

OTC 1 829 600 / week

TURKU 11 screens

  • Market Square´s parking hall 4 pcs. digital signage pylons
  • Aimo Park Louhi 7 pcs. digital signage pylons

OTC 186 840 / week


KUOPIO 38 screens

  • Kuopio market square, digital LED-billboard
  • Kuopio Sokos, digital LED-billboard
  • Prisma Kuopio, 14 pcs. digital LED-billboards
  • S-Market Ykkösrasti, 2 pcs. digital LED-billboard
  • ABC Pitkälahti, digital LED-billboard
  • Karjalankatu, digital LED-billboard
  • Kellolahdentie, digital LED-billboard
  • Tasavallankatu, digital LED-billboard
  • Volttikatu, digital LED-billboard
  • Corner of the Market Square, digital LED- billboard
  • Kpy Novapolis, 2 pcs digital LED- billboards ans 9 pcs digital pylons

OTC 5 446 420 / week

JYVÄSKYLÄ 17 screens

  • Prisma Jyväskylä, 4 pcs. digital LED-billboards (3 outdoor screens and 1 indoor screen)
  • Prisma Palokka, 3 pcs digital screens
  • Prisma Keljo, 4 pcs digital screens
  • ABC Vaajakoski, 2 pcs digital pylon
  • ABC Keljonkangas, 1 pcs digital pylon
  • ABC Hirvaskangas, 2 pcs digital pylon
  • ABC Palokka, 1 pcs digital pylon

OTC 1 313 800 / week



- Levi, Ylläs, Pyhä, Salla, Ruka, Ounasvaara, Iso-Syöte, Ruskotunturi, Ukko-Halla, Vuokatti, Tahko, Kasurila, Himos, Sappee, Messilä, Vihti, Peuramaa, Talma and Sveitsi.

- 27 pcs digital LED-billboards ans 89 pcs digital pylons.

OTC 7 514 360 / week


Espoo Golf, Suur-Helsingin Golf Luukki, Master Golf, Hirsala Golf, Wiurila Golf, Vierumäki Golf, Helsingin golfklubi/Tali, Paloheinä Golf, Vuosaari Golf, Messilä Golf, Linna Golf, Imatran Golf, Kerigolf, Levi Golf, Peuramaa Golf, Kurk Golf, Lahden Golf, Peurunkagolf, St.Laurence Golf, Viipurin Golf, Hirvihaaran golf, Aurinko Golf, Nakkila Golf, Tahko Golf New Course, Tahko Golf Old Course, Oulu Golf, Nurmijärven golfkeskus, Pirkkala Golf, Kullo Golf, SeaGolf Rönnäs, Nordcenter, Golfrauma, Arctic Golf, Tarina Golf, Pickala Golf, Golf Talma, Tammergolf, Meri-Teijo Golf, Harjattula Golf, Tuusulan golf, Keimola Golf ja Kanava Golf

OTC 1 654 000 / week


HSF - Hanko 1 pc.
- Itämerenportti - Hanko 2 pcs.
- Guest harbor of Nauvo - Parainen 1 pc.
- Guest harbor of Turku 1 pc.

OTC 288 000 / week

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