The delivery of the advertising material

By email: aineisto(at)

Over 10M files can be transferred by email using for example WeTransfer, a cloud-based computer file transfer service system.

Please provide the following information together with the advertising material : campaign time, contact information, and number of printed material.

Naming instructions

company_campaign_size of the material_the starting date of the campaign
(e.g. company-XY_ultimatecampaign_1180x1750_251116)

File formats

  • Printed advertising materials
    • Press ready PDF.
    • We have following softwares in use: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FreeHand sekä CorelDRAW
  • Digital advertising materials
    • The supported picture formats: JPG, PNG
    • The supported video formats: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (recommended)
    • The max. data transfer speed (bitrate) of videos is 8000 kbps.

The colors of the print material

  • CMYK color space
  • Black color CMYK-values: Cyan 0 %, Magenta 0 % Yellow 0 % Key 100 % (OBS! No registeration)

The pictures of print material

  • All print material must be saved as .tiff, .eps or .jpg (packing: quality: high)
  • NOTE: Pictures used on webpages [72 dpi] are too low of resulotion for printed material - refer below.

Resolution of the big prints, 1:1 size

  • Color prints 100–150 dpi
  • Grayscale prints 300 dpi
  • Bitmap prints (only black and white) 600 dpi
  • Color space: bitmap (black and white), grayscale (only for colors of gray), CMYK (colors)
  • Please, add Iso Coated v2-profile for CMYK pictures.


Fonts should be included within the material or the text should be converted as paths.

Please don't use productivity softwares (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint) for preparing demansing material. If in doubt, please contact Mediateko personnel for further advice or instructions.

Downloas material instructions

Digital media surfaces

Ski resort advertising

Golf center advertising

Parking garage advertising (CITYMEDIA)