Mediateko is a Finnish media company. We help our customers to reach consumers and decision-makers in over 200 destinations all over the Finland - 365 days a year. 

We believe, that in freetime people are most receptive to external messages. Consumers love and admire environments and sports, where we meet them with our messages - for example in ski resorts and golf clubs. We offer "overtaking line" to peoples hearts. Besides strong feeling, we offer researches of how our mediaenvironments and campaigns have worked with our customers. 

From history to nowadays

Mediateko was born in fall 2008, when Teemu Kontkanen's inner entrepreuner sought out. "I was worked almost 10 years with media - economic depression shaked hole Finland and I had to make a decision if I was ready to take next step and be an entrepreuner. I called to few of my customers and asked, if I would start my own company, would they trade with me also in the future? Responses were only positive, so I bought my existing employer's out-of-home-advertising business functions and established Mediateko ltd. 

First year went mainly in building network. One big step was also hiring first employee, which is by the way Mika Siponen - still working for Mediateko. From those days we have grown both organically and also with couple of buyouts. Nowadays we serve our customers all over the Finland; our physical offices are located in Kuopio and in Helsinki - mentally we are just where you are."

We already have nine out-of-home-advertising professionals and we're hiring more as we grow. 

Mediateko is member of Outdoor Finland (finnish out-of-home-advertising union) and official partner of MARK (finnish marketing union). 

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