Mediateko is a Finnish media company. We help our customers to reach consumers and decision-makers in over 100 destinations all over the Finland- 365 days a year.

We believe that in the free time people are most receptive to external messages. Consumers love and admire environments and sports where we meet them with our message. We offer fast lane to peoples hearts. Besides strong feeling, we offer researches of how our media environments and campaigns have worked with our customers.  




These are our values and based on these we work daily.


Authentic and willing

At work we are happy ourselves. We respect each other. We are honest inside and out and we are ready to help you and seize the opportunity.  Individual development and developing our organization is what drives us forward. We have the passion for work and life.

Casually good quality

We are responsible without making a fuss. We make sure that things are made as promised. We promise you 100% responsibility. We will try to fix all faults if we notice one and try to make a proposed solution. 


Succeed together

We work together with clients. We win together always customer in mind. We make exceptional media acts with our own team and with clients. Quality surroundings, good guys and addictive encounters are the key issue.


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Work with us?

We are continuously looking new people to grow to be outdoor advertising professionals. We are small company and we do work for clients with a big heart. We give our employees the chance to develop personally - and also develop company. 

If you have sense of humor, spontaneous and desire to learn you might be the right person to create free time and city center media solutions with us.

More info:

Business director Jukka Pelkonen +358 40 765 6333 - 
CEO Teemu Kontkanen +358 40 555 3635 -

We are member of Outdoor Finland union.


Our subsidiary Supervisual Ltd sells, upkeep and imports LED-screens and also rents movable screens all around Finland.